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A Big Conversation to Map the way forward for Ardenglen

WE’RE pleased to report that we have held our biggest ever “conversation” with YOU – our customers in order to map the organisation’s way forward.

Known as the ‘Big Conversation’ it was launched in 2021 and the aim was to specifically understand customer how you were faring during the pandemic and explore what you wanted from Ardenglen ranging from your home to the Association’s role in the community. 

Energetic discussions and feedback, led by our tenants, were used to drive the formulation of a new, ambitious Business Plan and with over 20% of Ardenglen customers getting involved, it provides a clear mandate for the way forward. 

A strong sense of pride in the community – an unsurprising finding given the strong sense of community in Castlemilk – along with good housing were key themes. 

There was significant support for tackling anti-social behaviour, as many of you spoke of this being heightened during the pandemic.  84% of customers advised they wanted to engage with Ardenglen on the telephone with just over twenty-per cent (23%) preferring face-to-face meetings. 

Our Chief Executive Audrey Simpson said: “The Big Conversation has ignited a number of new projects, service reviews and driven our investment priorities.  Customers spoke about the importance of services being personal to meet individual needs and this is being taken forward in a new Equality, Diversity and Human Rights project.

“At the end of the day, it is about customer service excellence and we are firmly focused on this and we are very grateful to all those who took part.”

Importantly, the findings from the Big Conversation revealed there was also an almost universal view that Ardenglen should have a key role in the community as a whole, including working with others to tackle poverty, isolation and ensure mental wellbeing.

View our new Strategic Map here