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Our Vision for Ardenglen as we launch our new Business Plan

Thanks to our customers for engaging in the ‘Big Conversation’, hearing your views on what you value and what matters most was invaluable in shaping and informing our new Business Plan, taking us to 2024.  Customer Service Excellence was a key theme from all our stakeholders, and we are developing new systems and approaches to enhance our offering.  Through our discussions our customers expressed two over-riding priorities for the future:

A focus on improving homes, in particular the condition of the inside of the home.

A lesser, but still significant priority, is placed on Ardenglen’s role in investing in things that enhance the local community and enhance the quality

        and range of services that are available locally. The key areas highlighted were improving the physical environment, supporting people in need,          and supporting activities that bring people together, all of these helping to foster a sense of community pride.

These priorities are embed in our Business Plan and action will emulate from them.  We are delighted to launch our new Strategic Map, setting out our vision, purpose, values and strategic objectives in a summary document.  If you are interested to find out more about our future direction, challenges, priorities, opportunities, please get in touch with Jacqui Mills, Corporate and Compliance Officer on