Building Insurance 

We have a Block Buildings Insurance Policy, which provides cover for all owners who are included in the Association's Full Factoring Service.  The insurance excesses for any claims made under the Policy are as follows:

Claims for damage within an owners own property - £250

Claims for damage within a common area, where all residents are owners - £500 (cost shared amongst all owners)

Claims for damage within a common area, where residents are a mix of tenants and owners - £500 (cost shared amongst all owners, including the Association)

The common policy offers a full reinstatement value and covers the property and any common parts of the building against damage caused by insured perils (eg. fire, flood, storm etc).  Please note this common policy DOES NOT cover your home contents or personal belongings.


  Contact Details for Building Insurance Claims

 Gallagher Service Team, Claims Manager,  Lorraine Newlands T: 01245 341218  Email: