Invoices & Payment


Factoring customers will be invoiced Annually. Your invoice may include the charges below :

• Buildings Insurance

• Landscape Maintenance

• Gutter Cleaning 

• Management fee 

• Close Cleaning 

• Stair lighting 

• Backcourt ground maintenance 

Your share of any rechargeable common repairs, in accordance with your title deeds are issued quarterly.


Factoring invoices are due and payable within 28 days of receipt.  However, owners can make arrangements to pay their accounts off in affordable instalments, ensuring your account is cleared before your next invoice is due to be issued.  Any owner wishing to discuss a payment arrangement should contact a member of our Finance Team on 0141 634 8016 or email 

Payments can be made using one of the following options:


- Use your Allpay card to pay at your local Post Office as well as a wide range of local outlets displaying the ‘Pay Point’ sign.

- Allpay Payment Card by telephone: Just call 0330 041 6497. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will need to quote the reference on your payment card and have details of your credit or debit card. You will be given an authorisation code as your record of payment.

BANK PAYMENT: – Please use the bank details provided on your factoring invoice or statement to set up a standing order. Please use your account reference number on your invoice as your payment reference. 

PAY BY PHONE – call the office on 0141 634 8016 to make a card payment 

Legal Action for Non Payment

In the event of non payment of factoring account, the Association will pursue recovery of outstanding debt by all methods possible. The Association will also seek to register a ìNotice of Potential Liability for costsî against the owners title deeds. The notice is registered in the Land of Register of Scotland and show up on a Property Search report and will therefore potentially affect any sale of that property. The Association will also seek to recover all additional legal costs in connection with pursuing any court actions.