Our Performance

We report to our Board of Management every quarter on how we are performing. We provide regular updates on our performance and complaints in our newsletter and you can also access our Quarterly KPIs, Complaints and Financial information here. 

Key Performance Indicators 2023-24

Key Performance Indicator


Q3 Performance

On Target 

Average Time to complete 4 hour Emergency Repairs 4 hours 2 hours and 23 minutes

Average Time to complete Urgent Repairs 3 days 4 days


% of Reactive Repairs right first time 95% 91.74%


% of complaints resolved (new complaint SPSO indicator)

25% 15%


Average time taken to re-let empty properties 12 days 20.5 days


% of Properties with a Gas Safety Certificate 100% 100%


In quarter three (1 April to 30 June 2022)  we recieved 57 complaints. Below is a breakdown of the complaints recieved and the outcomes. If you want to know more about our Complaints Handling Process, visit our complaints page.

Complaints 2022-23 Q3

Quarter One Complaint Timescales

Stage 1 Complaints

The 56 Stage 1 complaints received during Q3 took an average of 2.16 working days to be responded to. Out of the 56, 52 (92.68%) were responded to within the timescale of 5 working days set out of the SPSO.

Stage 2 Complaints

The 1 Stage 2 complaint received during Q3 took 5 working days to be responded to. This was within the timescale of 20 working days set out by the SPSO.