Our Performance

We report to our Board of Management every quarter on how we are performing. We provide regular updates on our performance and complaints in our newsletter and you can also access our Quarterly KPIs, Complaints and Financial information here. 

Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicator


Q3 Performance

On Target 

Average Time for Emergency Repairs 3 hours 3 hours and 11 minutes


Average Time to complete Non- Emergency Repairs 4.5 days 5 days


% of Reactive Repairs right first time 95% 88.9%


% of Properties with a Gas Safety Certificate 100% 99%


Average time taken to re-let empty properties 12 days 42 days


% of complaints resolved (new complaint SPSO indicator) 50% 20.8%



In quarter three (1 October to 31 December 2021) we recieved 24 complaints. Below is a breakdown of the complaints recieved and the outcomes. We will provide regular updates on learning from complaints. If you want to know more about our Complaints Handling Process, visit our complaints page.

Quarter Three Complaint Timescales

Stage 1 Complaints

59% (13) of Stage 1 complaints were handled on average within 8.1 working days which is outwith the SPSO timescale of 5 working days with the average resolution time of 5 days.

Stage 2 Complaints

50% (1) of Stage 2 complaints were handled within the SPSO timescale of 20 working days with one delay having an impact on the average resolution time.

This is the third quarter where we are reporting on the number of resolved complaints. Resolved complaints is a new outcome from the SPSO. Closing a complaint as resolved is not as simple as concluding the complaint, it relies on the complaint being resolved to the customer and Association’s satisfaction. There are times when a complaint is closed but the Association will feel that a level of service was not provided by the contractor as per our service level agreement and for this reason would be Upheld. It may also be that the Association found there was no issue with service provided but the customer is just not satisfied no matter what.  Due to the nature of this outcome, it is likely that we will review complaint outcomes retrospectively as there will be times when staff, contractors and customer can work towards satisfactory resolution outwith the complaint timescale. Clear record of actions taken must be provided before concluding a complaint as resolved. Five complaints (20.8%) out of twenty-four were resolved to the customer and Association’s satisfaction in quarter three.

We recorded five resolved complaints in this quarter. 

Learning from Complaints

In Quarter Three we saw our complaints increase slightly which is not unusual during winter period. This quarter some a downturn in our complaint response timescales for a variety of reasons, some of which included the complex nature of the complaints or simply down to staff or contractor resource to respond in time.

We have arranged training for staff on our complaint management system and are in the process of developing complaint procedure notes to ensure staff utitlise our complaint recording system to capture as much information relative to the complaint as possible.

We did also note a higher number of complaints about delays and contractors failing to attend to repair appointments. 

We are coninuing to work with our contractors to ensure that they understand the standards expected of them. Covid has caused a huge disruption to our repairs contractors which has seen them experience problems sourcing materials, staff shortages as well as a backlog of repairs built up during lockdown that they are catching up with. We meet with our contractors regularly to discuss any service issues and will continue to monitor their service.