Our Housing Team

Our Housing Team are our people who are out  and about in our community!  Their role is to provide a range of tenancy and housing management services, working with local people to help our communities prosper.  Our Housing Team will assist with:

Tenancy Management and Sustainment

We will work with you to manage and sustain your tenancy, providing a range of housing management and tenancy services. We can help sign post you to other services, try to implement ideas into the community and support you to maintain your tenancy for as long as possible.

Estate Management

We will carry out estate inspections at least once a month on the external and any internal areas of each of our developments. If you have anything you would like to discuss you can ask your Housing Officer when you see them on site, or you can email them or call them.  Our estate walkabouts are an opportunity for customers to get involved in these monthly inspections and for you to share your ideas and opinions with your Housing Officer about what you would like to see in your development.  If you're interested please get in touch with your Housing Officer - they'd be delighted to hear from you to take part.

Anti-Social Behaviour

We want all of our customers to enjoy life in their Ardenglen home.  For the most part, this is the case but if there is a problem in your neighbourhood and your enjoyment of life is impacted by the poor behaviour of others we take this very seriously.  We will investigate and deal with Anti-Social behaviour in accordance with our Anti-Social Behaviour Policy.  If you have any problems you want some advice or help with, please get in touch.

Meet your Housing Services Team

Name Role
Suzanne Casey  Director of Customer Services
Angela Mooney  Senior Housing Officer
Janice Herriot  Housing Officer
Hayleigh Rennie Temporary Housing Officer
Kerri Downie  Housing Assistant
Nicole Babes Temporary Housing Assistant
Pauline Boyle Temporary Receptionist 
Scott Linens Work Placement